Lake of the Woods, Minnesota Directions

Directions To Find Your Way


Flag and Oak Islands are located at the most northern top of Minnesota in an area called the Northwest Angle. Guests can drive to the landing at Young’s Bay, approximately 60 miles from Warroad, Minnesota. From there, they are
transported to Flag & Oak Islands by the Northwest Angle passenger service.

From Warroad take 313 North (west stop light). You will go through Canadian customs right outside of Warroad. Once inside Canada, 313 becomes route 12. Take this to Sprague and turn right on 308 (going North) for approximately 40 miles. Turn right on 525 and follow that to an intersection called Jim’s Corner. You will be required to call in to US customs at this point. Turn right at Jim’s Corner and follow the signs to Young’s Bay.

Nearest Airport:

Falls International Airport
3214 2nd Ave
International Falls, MN 56649